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Conclusions and recommendations from a series of Expert Workshops

Accessibility DiverCITY4 Conference

Senior Policy DiverCITY4 Conference

Housing DiverCITY4 Conference

Environment DiverCITY4 Conference

DiverCITY4 research component: With and without solid fuel – space heating in heritage urban tenements: inhabitants’ perspective and the scenarios of change

Węglem i nie węglem – komponent badawczy DiverCITY4 Conference

Węglem i nie węglem broszura-komponent badawczy

Keynote Speech: Housing in the perspective of contemporary urban development

Izabela Mironowicz Housing and urban development DiverCity4


Publications Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy

Sustainable urban development in Poland: national urban policy in the context of the 2030 Agenda’s Goal 11 and the New Urban Agenda

Sustainable urban development in Poland raport

Sustainable use of land and nature-based solutions partnership

Broszura action plan eng