Short information from senior policy workshops and the environment

Short information from senior policy workshops and the environment.

On the weekend of January 25-26, senior policy and environment workshops were held.

During two days, experts from Poland, Norway and Iceland shared their experience and knowledge on how to work out and create modern development solutions in cities. The workshops were also joined by representatives of the Association of Polish Cities and NGOs operating in Wrocław. The workshop session was opened by a city representative, implementing participants in the ideas of the initiative and presenting a plan for the coming months. Experts from both groups also had the opportunity to see what solutions are used and what difficulties the city is facing in the area of senior policy and the environment. The participants visited the University of the Third Age and the model quarter of the Ciepło Zimno program, which is also one of the Initiative’s research elements. The results of the workshop will be presented on April 28 in Wroclaw during the DiverCity4 conference.